We craft more than safety wearables.

We empower individuals through tech & fashion.


Our wearable devices provide you with discreet safety features at your fingertips.
Our Smart Rings are essential tools that can bring you peace of mind and protection
in everyday situations. Wear Opal and navigate your daily life knowing you have a reliable companion at your fingertip, whenever you need it.

Our Story

We've been there. We've experienced those moments of feeling unsafe and alone,
not knowing who to turn to or if you'll have time to reach out for help.
We know that having someone to count on those moments can make all the difference.

This brand was born out of resilience. Our experiences inspired us to develop innovative solutions for these situations. We are here to provide you with calm and security, so you never have to feel alone again. We're here to ensure you feel supported and accompanied.


We’re on a mission to redefine personal safety by crafting essential tools
that seamlessly integrate technology with fashion, providing both protection and beauty. Our goal is to empower individuals to navigate their daily lives with confidence, fostering a world where no one walks alone.


We imagine a world where technology works to enhance the simplicity and beauty of everyday life. All of our products seek both utility and aesthetics for a simple reason:
a safety item that's beautiful makes us feel protected and empowers us to navigate the world with full confidence.