Why you should never leave home without your M.A.P.S.

Multi-tool? Check. Pepper spray? Check. Here’s a list of safety items that easily fit in your handbag.


Thanks to smartphones and navigation apps, you can feel safer moving around big cities. It’s never a bad idea, however, to pack your handbag with a little extra protection. To help you out, we’re here to remind you to always carry your M.A.P.S.


M is for “Multi-tool”

From Swiss Army knives to Leathermans, multi-tools are ever useful, making them feel less like dead weight at the bottom of your bag. The number of tools per model vary, but they all include a pocket knife. Of course, it could act as a weapon, but it could also cut your way out of a tight spot. Some multi-tools also include little flashlights, which could be used for both navigating and signaling in the dark.


A is for “Alarm”

You can find a range of portable alarms and panic buttons online. Some trigger a screeching noise while others send emergency alerts using apps. The Birdie+ is a popular device that does both. It even comes with a keychain to link nicely with your multi-tool.


P is for “Power Bank”

You can download all the safety apps in the world, but they are no good without any battery life. The average smartphone battery on a full charge lasts under 12 hours, but what if you stay out past work? There’s an array of power banks out there with different USB ports. We recommend ones with built-in plugs so you don’t have to remember to pack your charger.


S is for “Spray”

Yes, technically (pepper) spray is another “p,” but you get the idea. Invented more than half a century ago, pepper spray continues to be a popular self-defense item. It is less cumbersome and more accessible than say a handgun, and it is also used by the police. The NYPD uses SABRE, which sells consumer sprays that have multiple settings such as long-range (up to 10 feet).


It is important to note that in many states like New York, pepper spray is extremely difficult to find. Sometimes brandishing an alarm device or a multi-tool can be enough to ward off unwarranted attention. 

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