What’s hot in fashion wearables

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The wearables industry has progressed significantly in the last 10+ years. Today, fashion and technology are merging in exciting ways, creating wearables that are not only stylish, but also packed with increasingly advanced features. Below we summarized some of the hottest advancements in the functionalities of fashion wearables and what you need to know to stay ahead of the curve.


1. Health Monitoring: Beyond Basic Tracking

Health monitoring was one of the first features of early wearable devices. However, since the infancy of the wearable industry, health monitoring has made significant advancements. Modern smartwatches and fitness trackers go beyond counting steps and tracking heart rate. They now offer advanced features such as ECG and blood pressure monitoring, blood oxygen level tracking, and tracking stress levels through sensors that monitor heart rate, skin temperature, and sleep quality. Advanced health monitoring provides users with critical data about their bodies and guidance on what to do to optimize their health. 


2. Sleep Analysis: More Than Just Tracking

Sleep analysis, which was also offered as a feature in early wearables, is becoming more sophisticated, with wearables now providing detailed insights into sleep patterns and quality. Up-and-coming functionalities include an analysis of users’ sleep stages (light, deep, and REM), tracking of users’ sleep quality, smart alarms that wake users up during the optimal time of their sleep cycle, and personalized sleep insights based on individual patterns and behaviors. 


3. Contactless Payments: Convenience and Security

The integration of contactless payment mechanisms into fashion wearables is transforming how we shop. Key advancements include biometric authentication to protect transactions and a wider acceptance of contactless payments at retailers and transit systems. Also, from a fashion lens, companies are creating more stylish payment bracelets and rings that allow for easy and discreet transactions.


4. Smart Fabrics: The Next Generation of Apparel

Smart fabrics are revolutionizing the wearable industry, offering several cutting-edge functionalities such as fabrics that can adjust to body temperature, keeping users as cool or warm as needed, clothing embedded with sensors that can monitor vital signs and physical activity, and clothing that can generate and store energy from the body or environment, potentially charging users’ devices on the go.


5. Safety and Security: Stylish Protection 

Fashion wearables have also made significant advancements in safety and security. New features designed to enhance personal safety are gaining traction, such as emergency SOS notifications that allow users to send distress signals to 911 responders and emergency contacts, fall detection sensors that can automatically alert emergency services if the user is unresponsive, and location tracking. Also, with increasing concerns about data privacy, wearables are incorporating more robust encryption to protect users’ sensitive information.

At Wear Opal, we aim to be on the cutting edge of fashion wearables. Our product is a thoughtfully designed smart ring that empowers users to discreetly request assistance from 911 and emergency contacts. What makes Opal distinct is its dual focus on safety and fashion —it's not just a wearable, but also a statement piece of jewelry meant to enhance anyone's go-to ring stack. 

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