What’s in the name Opal?

From their amorphous properties to their diverse history, here is why opals inspire us to dream of a safer world through fashion.

Opal might sound like an odd name for safety wearables, given the gem’s reputation for bad luck. If you dig into the history of opals, however, you would find that not only does the taboo come from a fictional novel written in 1829, but also that opals have a deeper and more vibrant lore.

Yes, unlike flashy sapphires and diamonds, opals are subtler and less defined in color and shape – but that is what makes them so special. Here are our favorite qualities about opals and why we draw so much inspiration from these semi precious stones:



Many gems are said to protect their wearers. Opals have historically been used as amulets because they supposedly enhanced one’s sense of danger. In the middle ages, some believed opals could make you invisible if wrapped in a fresh bay leaf.

Likewise, our smart jewelry stows an invisible layer of protection for wearers. With our smart ring, you can discreetly alert emergency services without drawing attention.



Since opals come in any color, some believe they can carry the virtues of other gems – like rubies’ good fortune and emeralds’ everlasting love. And since opals deposit at relatively low temperatures and may occur in fissures of almost any kind of rock, they are truly adaptive.

For us at Wear Opal, we believe in smart fashion that can be worn with any look, in any setting.



Opals’ core virtues include freedom and independence. Because of their many shapes and swirling patterns, no two opals are the same. Precious opals are iridescent, meaning their colors may appear to change when looking at them from different angles. Each opal is brilliant in its own special way.

That is why we are building a collection with a variety of tiers that incorporate diverse materials like black jade, tiger’s eye and mother of pearl. We want wearers to be able to fully express their individuality while wearing accessories that carry their own individualism.

Our vision is to seamlessly integrate safety wearables into daily life, improving safety without sacrificing style. Come along our journey and sign up for our waitlist, where you can stay updated on our upcoming launch.

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