Our favorite safety content creators

Safety content creators take the lead in equipping women with knowledge, skills, and confidence to navigate the world safely. Here are some of our favorite ones. 

In the realm of digital advocacy, a powerful movement is underway – women's safety content creators are taking the lead in equipping women with knowledge, skills, and confidence to navigate the world safely. 

As conversations surrounding women's safety become even more top of mind, content creators are leveraging various platforms to address the specific challenges faced by women. These creators play a crucial role in promoting awareness, offering practical advice, and fostering a sense of solidarity among women. 

Here are Wear Opal's top three safety content creators on Instagram (please give them a follow for your daily safety tips!):

  1. @dannan_eve has a degree in psychology and criminology, and gives daily tips on safety for women and families. 

  2. @kravmaganyc for self-defense skills. Krav Maga is a great self-defense system because it's very practical and focused on safety in the real world. While Krav Maga borrows heavily from other martial arts, such as wrestling, boxing, karate and Jiu-Jitsu, it doesn't have ceremonial elements or movement practices 'katas'. It's not about technical fights but being able to fight back quickly and effectively in order to get away from danger.

  3. @slc_travels for solo travel tips. Savanna’s amazing content is inspiring us all to travel solo - safely. 

As women's safety content creators continue to break new ground, their impact reaches far beyond our phone screens. They are catalysts for change, fostering a world where women feel secure, heard, and supported. 

We invite you to acknowledge their efforts, engage in meaningful conversations, and share their valuable content with friends and family to help contribute to the ongoing movement towards a safer and more inclusive world for women. Together, let's celebrate and amplify the voices of women's safety content creators, ensuring that their messages resonate far and wide.

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