New York Fashion Week

Wear Opal's designs debuted at Flying Solo’s September 2023 New York Fashion Week runway show.

We’re so excited to have had the opportunity to participate in Flying Solo’s September 2023 New York Fashion Week runway show. The event took place at Canoe Studios on September 9th.

We had the opportunity to collaborate with fashion designers from around the world including Ventana, Taarach, Sidecar Love and LD-13. Check out some of our favourite looks and collabs here. Following the show, we were also featured in Fashion Week Online, Elle and Glamour for editorial.

Being backstage was a great learning opportunity for us. Given our pieces are statement but still discreet (complementing each look - as we intend for our safety devices to seamlessly integrate into daily life and each outfit), it took some effort to make sure that the pieces can be seen on the runway and that the models hands are positioned in a way to showcase the rings.

We’re so grateful to have been able to take part in the show, debut our designs on the runway, and share our vision to create a safer world through smart wearable technology and fashion with the broader audience. 

Our fashion smart ring houses a secret button that can either blast a loud alarm or discreetly notify 911 and emergency contacts.  

To learn more, sign up for our waitlist, where you can stay updated on our upcoming launch.


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