5 safety tips for your New York City commute

Whether you’re taking an Uber or riding the subway, you can make your daily commute safer with these simple habits.


For many urbanites returning to office life, commuting can seem daunting – and even dangerous. A recent study by the Siena College Research Institute found that 7 in 10 New Yorkers feel less safe than they did before the pandemic. While New York City continues to be one of the safest large cities in the world, one can always exercise more caution.


Here are a few safety tips for each leg of your daily commute. Though geared for the Big Apple, they apply to most metropolitan areas:


On the street: Wear one earphone

Noise-canceling headphones may enrich your audio experience, but also distort your alertness. We advise you to keep one ear tuned out so you can remain aware of your surroundings. 

There are also benefits to having one ear tuned in. Women commonly use headphones to hop on a call or at least pretend to be on a call as to ward off unwelcome attention.


On the subway: Avoid platform edges and end cars

While rare, subway-related homicides do happen. Never stand at the edge of a platform, even if there are no trains. While boarding a train, stick to the middle cars. Not only do they tend to be more crowded, but they are also easier to access by train operators and staff.


Ride-sharing: Send your trip status

Apps like Uber and Lyft made the taxi experience more transparent for riders, yet driver-related incidents still occur. While boarding a ride-share, be sure to double check the license plate and ask for the driver’s name. Do not ask if they’re name is Larry — they could just say yes.

In addition, most ride-sharing apps allow you to send your trip status to friends and family. It never hurts to be too communicative.


Everywhere: Carry a safety device

In a worst case scenario, it is best to be prepared against attackers. While pepper spray remains a popular weapon of choice, there are now numerous apps like Noonlight, which acts as a panic button that can send a user’s location to 911.


With Wear Opal, users can access emergency services without having to pull out their phones and draw attention. Our stylish smart ring houses a secret button that can either blast a loud alarm or discreetly notify 911 and emergency contacts.

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