5 reasons why parents should gift a Wear Opal ring to their college students

A Wear Opal smart ring can help your child in an uncomfortable or unsafe situation.

Wear Opal is a safety smart ring that can help you get out of an uncomfortable situation in a discreet manner. 


Here’s how it works:

1. Every Wear Opal smart ring pairs with our companion app via Bluetooth. The mobile app allows the user to customize the settings to fit their needs. 

2. Wear Opal has a discreet button that allows the wearer to singlehandedly trigger the smart ring and alert personal contacts or 911 to ask for help and share your GPS location. 

It's something that your child will actually want to wear and keep with them at all times. Unlike bulky pepper sprays or alarms, with Opal, no one will know that you have a personal safety device on your hand.. Wear Opal just looks like everyday jewelry!


Wear Opal is form + function

Wear Opal has a sleek and elegant design that complements any outfit. It’s not only a personal safety smart ring, but also a beautiful standalone jewelry piece that serves as a timeless addition to any closet.


Give yourself some peace of mind.

While your child is out living their best life, you can rest easy knowing that your child has their Wear Opal ring with them wherever they go, and with it, the ability to get help if they need it.


Allow your child to explore their surroundings with security

Whether they love:

- Going to the gym

- Walking along back from work / commuting on public transportation

- Going out with friends

- Walking the dog


A Wear Opal ring will help them feel at ease no matter where life takes them. Whether they’re out driving, using public transportation, taking that morning run, exploring a new city, going out at night, or dating. Wear Opal is the perfect gift for someone who's finding themselves. 

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